Radiation Therapy Services

Center of Excellence

As the only independent radiation therapy treatment center in the metropolitan Washington DC area, we specialized to meet your needs and support you in this life altering experience

Center of Excellence

Advanced Technology

The most advanced technology is used in providing cutting-edge treatments to maximize outcomes.

Advanced Technology

Specialized Care

Our commitment to you in providing compassionate care from our highly skilled professionals. We strive to make this process of care as easy as possible, from the first appointment to the final post-treatment visit.

Specialized Care

At The Cancer Center of Gaithersburg You Get All Your Needs Met. 


Consultation & Treatment Process

We understand that being a candidate for radiation therapy has its logistical concerns. Unlike other cancer treatments, radiation therapy involves daily treatments that can last up to ten weeks. The Cancer Center at Gaithersburg is committed to making this process of receiving care as easy as possible — from the first appointment to your follow-up visit once treatment has completed.  Click here for more information.  


Non-surgical Treatments for Cancer

Treatments that are effective and safe for treating most cancers. The Cancer Center offers a variety of radiation treatment modalities that the radiation oncologist will utilize in planning your course of treatment.  Click here for more information.  

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Radiation Therapy Technology

We offer the most advanced technologies currently available. Radiation therapy is delivered on two state-of-the-art digital linear accelerators developed by the pioneers in image guided radiation therapy, Elekta Synergy® and Elekta Synergy® S. These accelerators, along with Elekta’s HDR unit, CT simulator and treatment planning system allow delivering the following treatment options, all under one roof.  Click here for more information.