What to Expect

Becoming a Patient at the Cancer Center means you become part of our family.


Each individual and his or her cancer is unique.  Our personalized care and specialized treatments will provide you with the optimal plan right from the start.  In collaboration with your other physicians, a customized treatment plan will be created to maximize your outcome. Our patients are typically referred to us by their surgeon, primary care doctor, urologist, OBGYN, medical oncologist, or other treating physician. That said, you are also welcome to come to one of our center without a physician referral just to explore your options. 

images-5To get started, you may call us directly with your physician referral or ask your physician to call our center. We understand a cancer diagnosis can be frightening.  A consultation appointment will be made to your convenience.  Even same day appointments are available.

324 cc reduced consultationDuring this consultation visit, you will meet with our radiation oncologist to discuss  the specific type of cancer you may have. In addition, the physician will explore the types of radiation therapy that are available and would be best for your circumstances.  By the time your initial consultation is over, you will be well informed about your treatment and why the radiation therapy recommended is the right choice for your particular situation. You will not receive a radiation treatment at your initial consultation.

The physician will also share with you what you might expect for the process and an education video is offered to show how the process works.

How to prepare for you consultation visit


  • We encourage that a friend or family member come with you for your visit. They will be able to provide both emotional and practical support throughout this process.
  • Have your medical records and imaging fro your other physicians available at the time of the consultation (or ask that they be sent to us beforehand).  If you are unable to do this, don’t worry, we will obtain the necessary information.
  • Write down your questions as it will help to assist you in obtaining the necessary information in a systematic way. 
  • Do not forget your insurance card and any referral forms your insurance provider may require, as well as any co-pays. Feel free to call our office before you come in. A member of our staff will figure out what you need to bring and can help you with any insurance or referral paperwork.
  • Write down you questions that you may have to address during your visit with the physician.


imgres-2Sample questions

  • How is the treatment administered?
  • How will I feel during treatment?
  • What are the side effects from my particular form of therapy?
  • What should I eat while undergoing therapy? Are there any foods I should stay away from?
  • What will my insurance cover? Is financial support available?
  • Should I continue my current medications?
  • How will my treatment affect my other health conditions?
  • Will I be able to drive myself to my treatments?