Insurance & Fees

Patient Center – Organize Insurance & Paperwork



Dealing with paperwork and insurance claims is a common cause of anxiety. By lending a hand and helping to organize treatment documentation and insurance information, you can reduce a lot of worry and stress.

  • Start by setting up two sets of folders for different kinds of paperwork, one set for you and one for your friend or loved one
  • We suggest one folder for Treatment Documentation and Instructions; one for information on Prescriptions and Medication; one for Insurance paperwork; and a Miscellaneous folder for any additional documents. Then, on the inside cover of each folder, write down the contact information for relevant personnel
  • When you go to treatments together, make a copy of every document so you each have one and then file it in the appropriate folder
  • Ask your friend or loved one for the name of their insurance provider and make a copy of their insurance card. Be sure they bring the card to every appointment (and bring your copy in case they forget)
  • At the Cancer Center we are ready to help file insurance claims, determine what is covered, and make sure the right referrals and forms for reimbursement are filled out.  Your friend or loved one will be asked to signed a privacy waiver to comply with HIPAA Guidelines, if they are handling personal health information for you. 


Patient Center – Paying for Treatment

  • We treat the whole patient, not just the disease.  This includes the part of you that my be worried about your insurance and how much of your treatment will be covered by your insurance.
  • We accept most insurance plans as well as the Medicare assignment. Medicare Part B covers physician services, including your radiation therapy. In the case of some insurance providers, you will need a referral from your primary care physician. We will be happy to help you coordinate this.