Skin Brachytherapy – Non-Melanoma Cancers

What’s New At The Cancer Center?- Innovative Treatment for Skin Cancers

As a continuation of the Cancer Center’s dedication to providing the most comprehensive treatment options, we provide an innovative treatment for skin cancers using a non-surgical, non-invasive, painless treatment taking only a few minutes.

What is Skin Brachytherapy

The majority of skin cancers diagnosed are non-melanoma cancers (basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma). These skin cancers can be treated successfully with surgery, but for the areas such as nose, eyelids, lips, and ears this could result with much disfigurement.  

Brachytherapy delivers high doses of radiation with a very high degree of precision, which reduces any damage to surrounding tissue.  Brachytherapy not only provides good cosmetic results, but also has been very effective in preventing recurrence of the skin cancer.  


High dose rate (HDR) Brachytherapy for the skin utilizes an applicator that allows the radiation to be in close proximity to the cancer.  These applicators may be surface applicators, catheter flaps, or custom molds.  Below are pictures showing some of these types of applicators.  The treatment time is significantly less than the external beam radiation therapy due to the local nature.  Sessions are typically, 


Brachytherapy Advantages

* Cure Rate up to 97.5% with outcomes comparable to other treatment forms such as MOHS
* Patient Comfort with minimal immobilization
* Localized to specific area with less damage to surrounding tissue
* Less shielding necessary as low energy dosing
* Excellent cosmetic outcomes without scarring (i.e. eyelids, tip of nose, and behind the ear)
* Can return to their normal activities such as golf, swimming, etc


imgresIdeal Candidates Include:

* Individuals diagnosed with basal cell and squamous cell cancer and are not interested in surgery
* Individuals who are not surgical candidates for medical reasons (ie blood thinners, elderly with multiple conditions)
* Individuals who require additional treatment for aggressive skin cancers following surgical treatment
* Individuals with positive margins after excision to reduce the risk of recurrence
* Individuals concerned about scarring or distortion from surgery

Before & After Brachytherapy Treatment

skin-cancer-treatment-nose before-afterskin Cancer lip before & afterskin cancer ear before & after

To view our handout on skin brachytherapy with the comparative studies click here.